SF Gateway is Closed for the Holidays

Mulled wine! Turkey! Bing Crosby! Human sacrifice! OK, maybe not that last one. The point is it’s the Festive Season and SF Gateway is now closed for the duration. You’ll still be able to buy all of your favourite classic SF&F from your preferred retailer, but we won’t be talking about it here until January. […]

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SF Gateway Omnibus of the Week: Michael G. Coney

From the vaults of the SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal introduction to one of the major voices of 1970s British SF, the BSFA Award-winning Michael G. Coney. trade paperback | eBook Michael Greatrex Coney was a British-born author who spent the last three decades […]

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December New Releases: We’ve Got ELRIC! and HEINLEIN! And LEIBOWITZ!

Truly, the Lords of Chaos and Order do battle upon the spheres of SF Gateway, ever shifting the balance this way and then that. Or, as some would have it: there’s good news and bad news. And good news. Possibly. Wait. What? OK. First, the good news: we have a tranche of almost forty new […]

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Good Omens: What We'll Be Listening to this Christmas!

One of our favourite books (from two of our favourite authors) is GOOD OMENS, by Terry Gaiman and Neil Pratchett (or something like that), originally published by Gollancz in 1990. We recently republished it as a gorgeous small hardback, to tie in with our Terry Pratchett collection, and we have exciting news coming in the New Year […]

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Announcing the publication date of Mistborn: Shadows of Self!

We’re so excited! You wait not very long at all for a new Brandon Sanderson release date and then two turn up at once! We launched Brandon in the UK with the Mistborn trilogy (The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension and Hero of Ages) so it’s always been a series that’s very close to […]

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SF Masterwork of the Week: Mission of Gravity

A brilliant and mind-bending depiction of alien life that still stands as a landmark of hard SF. Mesklin is a vast, inhospitable, disc-shaped planet, so cold that its oceans are liquid methane and its snows are frozen ammonia. It is a world spinning dizzyingly, a world where gravity can be a crushing 700 times greater […]

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Cover Reveal: The Boy Who Wept Blood

The Boy Who Wept Blood is a new standalone adventure from Den Patrick. Set in his marvellously drawn world of Landfall (a world where characters and author alike have secrets) these are tight, fast moving fantasies driven by all-too-flawed and very real characters. There’s much to appeal to fantasy and historical readers alike with intrigue, […]

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Gollancz Editors’ Favourite Masterworks: Emily

And so, into the home stretch, our final piece by the Gollancz editors comes from Emily and features Philip K. Dick Award-winner, The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers . . .   The Anubis Gates appeared on my radar when I was a poor, sunlight-deprived student, desperately searching for a way to avoid my Essay […]

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Gollancz Editors’ Favourite Masterworks: Mark

The trouble with the SF Masterworks list is you take once glance at it and you begin to realise just how little SF you’ve actually read. Well… I do, I expect there are plenty of you out there who’ve read the lot, but please spare a thought for those of us still exploring its treasures. […]

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Gollancz Editors’ Favourite Masterworks: Darren

Having asked all of my colleagues to cough up a blog post on their favourite Masterworks, it’s now my turn to put my money where my mouth is** It’s quite difficult to pick just one book from the excellent range of SF and Fantasy Masterworks – just ask Marcus, he didn’t even try! Different books […]

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The SF Gateway Xmas Sale is Here!

As mentioned last week, the 2014 SF Gateway Xmas Sale will be a bit different this year. We’ve decided to take our curational duties seriously, this festive period, and will be putting forward a suggested 15 Authors You Should Read in 2015. To be clear: these aren’t the only authors you should read in 2015. […]

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Gollancz Editors’ Favourite Masterworks: Simon

And so we move on to Simon’s selection of favourite Masterworks and, like Marcus, there’s too much classicy goodness there for him to restrict himself to just one choice . . . Fantasy Masterwork: Viriconium by M. John Harrison Why Viriconium? Well I could just say that, sentence for sentence, there is no better writer […]

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A few thoughts on where heroes come from

Nathan Hawke burst onto the fantasy scene in 2013 with the publication of his first trilogy – three fast-paced, hard-hitting novels about Gallow, an honest man trying to do good in a world where no-one trusts or likes him. Heavy on the Viking influence, but with a pleasing spark of magic. The books got great […]

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Gollancz Editors’ Favourite Masterworks: Gillian

As noted yesterday, we’re doing our best to help you choose the best in classic SF or Fantasy to give your loved ones, this Christmas. Today, it’s the turn of Gollancz’s publishing director, Gillian Redfearn whose choice is a book we’ve written much about over the last few weeks – and here’s further proof that […]

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Gollancz Editors’ Favourite Masterworks: Marcus

As we move into the festive period and its seasonal agony of indecision over what gifts to give our loved ones, we thought we’d offer to help by inviting the Gollancz editorial team to tell us about their favourite SF or Fantasy Masterworks. First up: Marcus Gipps . . . Riddley Walker is one of […]

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