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Announcing Ben Aaronovitch’s exclusive Independent Bookshop Week tour for his new Rivers of London novella, THE OCTOBER MAN

We are thrilled to announce that for the publication of the new RIVERS OF LONDON novella, THE OCTOBER MAN, Ben Aaronovitch will be celebrating Independent Bookshop Week by visiting as many local bookshops as is physically possibly (and dangerously contorting the definition of a week). We would love to see as many of you as […]

SF Gateway round-up – March!

If you’re wanting a great new read for spring, look no further! Here are all the amazing SF Gateway titles you might have missed in March!   OKTOBER is a frightening journey into a world of greed and lies, a world in which the cover-up is not only a way of life, but something planned […]

SF Gateway round-up – February!

Here are all the amazing new SF Gateway titles you might have missed in February!   CHIMERA is the novel that inspired the headline-grabbing ITV series starring John Lynch, Kenneth Cranham, and Christine Kavanagh. A terrifyingly plausible journey into the disturbing nerve-centers of medical science where our secret future is formed today.   In READER […]

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It’s been a busy month for Gateway! Check out all our amazing new titles below:   In TOWER OF THE MEDUSA, when in the distant future science has evolved into an art indistinguishable from magic, Kirin the thief must defeat the Witch Queen and thwart her plans to conquer the entire galaxy   Carl Magner has […]


Check out the fantastic new titles we’ve published recently!   The adventures of Eric Carstairs in the subterranean world of Zanthodon continue in DARYA OF THE BRONZE AGE, as he fights to save his beloved Dara the Cro-Magnon princess.   In PHOENIX IN OBSIDIAN, the Eternal Champion who was once Erekose must take up the […]


We’re excited to share the new titles published on the SF Gateway in the last two weeks! Check them out below:   WARRIORS OF MARS by Michael Moorcock is the second of his love-letters to classic Edgar Rice Burroughs. The first visit to the Red Planet by Michael Kane had been a mistake – this […]


We’re excited to share the new titles published on the SF Gateway this week!   Published in 1976, THE MIND-RIDERS features a remarkable anticipation of VR gaming. Ryan Hart, banished from physical boxing in its early days due to his lack of marketable emotion, is brought back into the virtual ring by an obsessed media exec […]


We have published four new excellent titles on the SF Gateway this week!   SEXUAL CHEMISTRY AND OTHER TALES brings together the ten earliest stories in Brian Stableford’s series “Tales of the Biotech Revolution”. The collection begins and ends with flamboyant utopian fantasies boldly asserting the perfectibility of humankind.   Seeking the answer to the […]


This week we have welcomed the following titles to the SF Gateway!   In Moorcock’s THE ICE SCHOONER the world lay frozen under a thousand feet of ice. Only in the Eight Cities of the Matto Grosso did men still live. But legend told of a city far to the north – fabled New York […]


This week we have welcomed the following titles to the SF Gateway!   ASGARD’S HEART, the third and final book in Brian Stableford’s trilogy about a planet that contains thousands of worlds inside it – and the one man who will do anything to penetrate its secrets . . .   Eternal hero, eternal warrior, […]


We have some fantastic new Gateway eBooks out this week!   THE COLLECTED GHOST STORIES of M. R. James! Be chilled and thrilled by these tales of the supernatural…   ASGARD’S CONQUERORS by Brian Stableford is the second in this thrilling space opera series of a world with a mystery at its core…   The […]

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We have some fantastic new Gateway eBooks out this week!   The Winds of Limbo by Michael Moorcock – With the appearance of a mysterious cosmic presence who has undeniable charisma the course of Earth’s future is about to change!   The Wrecks of Time by Michael Moorcock – Unless Professor Faustaff can figure which […]

Masterworks Spotlight: The Doomed City

One of the great pleasures of working in publishing is seeing books that deserve to do well . . . do well! That might sound a strange thing to say, but sadly, it’s not always the case that quality will out – especially with translated fiction. Happily, in the case of the late Arkady and […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The Shape of Things to Come

Our featured SF Masterwork is a prescient look at mankind’s future from the greatest science fiction writer of them all. When a diplomat dies in the 1930s, he leaves behind a book of ‘dream visions’ he has been experiencing, detailing events that will occur on Earth for the next two hundred years. This fictional ‘account […]

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Gateway Welcomes the Lensmen – As They Were Meant to Be Seen!

A few months ago we wished legendary SF cover artist Chris Foss a very happy birthday. Now, we have a present for all who love his art. We’re delightewd to announce that E E ‘Doc’ Smith‘s classic ‘Lensman’ series is now available in eBook from SF Gateway, adorned with the wonderul Chris Foss covers from […]

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