Acquisition Announcement: The House of Sundering Flames by Aliette de Bodard!

Gollancz is delighted to announce a new novel from Nebula Award winning author Aliette de Bodard.

The novel The House of Sundering Flames is the third in de Bodard’s ‘Dominion of the Fallen’ series, set in a post-magical-apocalypse version of Paris, and beautifully melding Vietnamese mythology with a gothic European vibe and a sensational mystery. The first novel in the series won the British Science Fiction Associate Award, the second was awarded a European Science Fiction Award, and both were finalists for the Locus award.

John Berlyne of Zeno Literary Ltd and Gillian Redfearn, Publishing Director of Gollancz, agreed the deal for UK & Commonwealth rights.

Aliette de Bodard said: ‘I am thrilled to return to the devastated Paris of the “Dominion of the Fallen” series with Gollancz. This book introduces House Harrier (you’ll never see birds of prey quite the same way again!) as well as revisiting familiar places and faces. It was an exciting challenge to write and deals with destruction and war, and the beauty and community that can be found in the ruins. I can’t wait for readers to discover it.’

John Berylne added: ‘I couldn’t be happier with this new deal. Aliette’s fantastic reputation continues to grow, and we regularly see her feature on many of the Best of Year and awards lists in her field. Readers can anticipate a truly dramatic conclusion to her stand-out trilogy.’

Gillian says: ‘Aliette is an astonishing writer and it’s a delight to be completing this stand-out series with her. As many readers have discovered, it’s one of the most distinctive and evocative trilogies published today’

Aliette de Bodard was born in America but grew up in Paris where she studied to become an engineer while writing in her spare time. She won the Writers of the Future contest in 2007 and never looked back, going on to win two Nebula Awards, a Locus Award and a British Science Fiction Award, in addition to being a finalist for the Hugo and Sturgeon Award, and appearing on the Tiptree Award Honour List.

She is the author of the Dominion of the Fallen series, set in an alternate Paris devastated by a magical war, which comprises The House of Shattered Wings (2015 British Science Fiction Award and Locus Award finalist) and The House of Binding Thorns. Both are out from Gollancz (UK/Commonwealth) and Ace/Roc (US).

Aliette lives in Paris with her family. You can learn more at, or by following @aliettedb



The House of Sundering Flames is releasing in trade paperback, eBook and audio digital download on 25th July 2019. Get your copy here to make sure you receive it on publication day!