Kit Berry on Stonewylde – only £1.49 this month

magus of stoneWe have a guest post from Kit Berry, author of the Stonewylde series, today:

I sold the Stonewylde series to Gollancz back in 2010, despite misgivings. The world I’d created wasn’t your run-of-the-mill fantasy; no swords, little blood, not an elf, dragon or ancient portal in sight. There is a Dark Lord (the eponymous Magus of the first title) and there’s natural magic, a flawed hero and of course the prophecy/quest. And a crow. But really, Stonewylde is not epic/ high/ urban/ romantic or even mythic fantasy, and as I sat at the top of Gollancz Towers with my agent and the senior team discussing their proposal, I was skeptical.

Gillian Redfearn, however, was adamant that Stonewylde would sit well in the Gollancz list. She was extremely keen to acquire the five books of Stonewylde and add them to the illustrious names adorning the wall-to-wall shelves. And it was her enthusiasm that convinced me to do the deal. If Abercrombie, Sanderson and Deas are your substantial meat and two veg, Stonewylde could perhaps be seen as a healthy dessert to cleanse the palate.

If you’re a Gollancz reader and have wondered about Stonewylde – green magic? standing stones and full moon rituals? a TEAR-JERKER??? – then this is your chance to get the first e-book at the gobble-up price of £1.49 (March only) and see what Gillian was thinking of. Was she right to bring Stonewylde into the rarefied world of Gollancz? Do let me know what you think… head over to and use the Contact button, or find me on twitter @kit_berry.  Thanks!

The Magus of Stonewylde is available from your favourite online retailer for £1.49 until  31st March 2014.