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On the flight of bats | Does Writing Style Matter When It Comes To Fantasy? by MD Lachlan

How does a bat move? I had an interesting discussion with one famous fantasy writer recently when I said no decent writer should describe a bat as ‘flitting’. ‘Why?’ he said. ‘Bats do flit.’ Yup, they do and, were I sitting in a pub garden watching a bat fly overhead I might think ‘There flits […]

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Q&A with Margaret Atwood

  Fresh from receiving the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade at the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Franz Kafka award in Prague, Margaret Atwood can now look forward to a brilliant six part film adaptation of Alias Grace (Netflix November 3rd). And so can we. Margaret Atwood has published with Virago since 1979. […]

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Lara Thompson on winning the first Virago/The Pool New Crime Writer Award

  Lara Thompson talks Vietnamese food, secret writing and how it felt to win the first ‘Virago/The Pool New Crime Writer Award’.   I was in my favourite Vietnamese restaurant, alone, with a spring roll poised between my lips and the plate, when I found out I’d won. Most of the day until that point […]

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Meet the winner of Virago/The Pool’s New Crime Writer Award

  Meet the winner of Virago/The Pool’s New Crime Writer Award And read an extract from the 1930s Manhattan-set detective story that won lecturer Lara Thompson a book deal   By Lily Peschardt – originally published on The Pool.   We are delighted to announce that Virago and The Pool’s New Crime Writer Award is Lara Thompson for […]

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IT’S THEIR WORLD NOW a Guest Post by C. Robert Cargill

Or at least, it might be soon . . . We extend a warm, human welcome to C. Robert Cargill, whose book SEA OF RUST is out today. A post-apocalyptic robot Western that is action-packed, adrenaline-fueled science fiction, and far timelier than we realized . . .  I didn’t set out to write a timely […]

Miska Corbin vs. the World

We are thrilled to welcome the brilliant Gavin Smith back to the Gollancz Blog. Today, Gavin will introduce us to the unforgettable Miska Corbin and we’ll get to see how she would fare against some of our favourite genre characters.  Seven years ago my first novel, Veteran, came out.  To help publicise it I wrote […]

Helen Stevenson on Music and Love Like Salt

  Helen Stevenson on Music and Love Like Salt If I said I was a musician to a taxi driver I know they’d glance in the mirror and say: ‘Classical?’ I’d prefer it if they guessed I was a confident, smokey-eyed jazz singer, but they’re too good at judging people by the way they move, […]

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My Top 5 travel pieces by Lesley Blanch

  A Londoner by birth, Lesley Blanch spent the greater part of her life travelling about those remote areas her books record so vividly. She left England in 1946, never to return except as a visitor, and travelled across war-torn Europe to join her diplomat-novelist husband, Romain Gary, in Bulgaria. She died in the South […]

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A new model of the hero – Steph Swainston talks Fair Rebel and the Castle books

We are thrilled to welcome Steph Swainston back to the Gollancz blog for a special guest post on heroes, Fair Rebel and the Castle series. These days, heroism isn’t hard to find. The cinemas abound with superheroes; a boy wizard is recognised around the globe, even the Jedi have returned again. These can be fun, […]

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Exclusive Interview with Nalini Singh

To celebrate the publication of the latest in Nalini Singh’s incredible Guild Hunter series, ARCHANGEL’S HEART, we chatted to Nalini about her book recommendations, writing and dragons (natch).   Who is your favourite author? I can’t pick just one! Instead I’ll give you the two authors I’ve been reading and loving the longest. Whether it’s new […]

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Marilynne Robinson and Barack Obama in conversation

Robinson has plumbed the depths of the human spirit in her trilogy of novels – Pulitzer Prize-winning Gilead, Orange-Prize winning Home and National Book Critics Circle Award-winning Lila – and in her moving essay collection When I Was a Child I Read Books. Now, in The Givenness of Things, she brings a profound sense of awe and […]

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Exclusive Interview with Peter Higgins

We are delighted to welcome Peter Higgins back to the Gollancz Blog for a special interview. Peter Higgins is the author of the forthcoming Wolfhound Empire. Find out what books Peter has been reading recently, his favourite author, his writing rituals, most recommended book and much more! Who is your favourite author? David Bowie. Jack […]

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