Happy Publication Day 10th September 2015

pub day photoWe’d like to wish a very happy Publication Day to all of our books out in bookshops and online today. This week we have a plethora of incredible paperbacks to fill up your to be read shelves. Get ready for out of this world adventures, classic SF and fantasy and some epic new heroes. Wishlists at the ready, start plotting your visit to your local bookshop, library or favourite eTailer now.

The City Stained Red by Sam Sykes– The mighty Sam Sykes is back, with the first of a new adventure: The City Stained Red will have you on the edge of your seat, swept up in the action from the very first page. Grab your sword and join in – this is a funny, sharp, sarcastic tale of brilliance. The City Stained Red is out now in paperback and eBook. You can find out more about Sam Sykes by visiting his website or following him on Twitter.

The Dark Defiles by Richard MorganThe final part of Richard Morgan’s fast-moving and brutal fantasy brings Ringil to his final reckoning and sees the world tipping into another war with the dragon folk. And, most terrifying of all, the prophecy of a dark lord come to rule may be coming true very close to home … The Dark Defiles is out now in paperback, eBook and audio download. You can find out more about Richard Morgan by visiting his website or following him on Twitter.

Sarah Canary by Karen Joy Fowler– This is the stunning first novel from the bestselling author of WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES, THE JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB and THE SWEETHEART SEASON. Set in the Old West, this is the strange, magical tale of Sarah Canary and the ragtag band of misfits and lovers she trails in her wake. Sarah Canary is out now in paperback and eBook. You can find out more about Karen Joy Fowler by visiting her website.

Nick and the Glimmung by Philip K. Dick– Philip K. Dick’s only children’s book, first published after his death, brings together many of his most famous alien creations in one gently humorous tale. A beautiful must-have edition for Philip K. Dick fans of all ages. Nick and the Glimmung is out now in paperback and eBook.

Fish Tails by Sheri S. Tepper– In her 35th novel, science fiction master Sheri S. Tepper boldly weaves together the storylines of eleven of her previous works – from KING’S BLOOD FOUR (1983) to THE WATERS RISING (2010). In FISH TAILS, two of Tepper’s beloved characters – Abasio and Xulai (A PLAGUE OF ANGELS and THE WATERS RISING) – and their children travel from village to village scattered across the sparsely populated land of Tingawa. They are searching for others who might be interested in adopting their sea-dwelling lifestyle . .  Fish Tails is out now in paperback and eBook. You can find out more about Sheri S. Tepper by visiting her website.

Worlds of Exile and Illusion by Ursula K. Le Guin– From the multi-award-winning author of The Left Hand of Darkness and the Earthsea sequence comes this single-volume omnibus of the first three Hainish novels. The three novels contained in this volume are the books that launched Ursula K. Le Guin’s glittering career, and are set in the same universe as her Hugo and Nebula Award-winning classics, The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed. Worlds of Exile and Illusion is out now in paperback. You can find out more about Ursula K. Le Guin by visiting her website.

The Anvil of Ice by Michael Scott RohanThe first volume in The Winter of the World fantasy trilogy, this novel of a young boy’s rise to power is set in a world where an ice age threatens a brilliantly imagined world similar to our own. The Anvil of Ice is out now in paperback and eBook.

Dying of the Light by George R. R. Martin– This thrilling space adventure from the bestselling author of A GAME OF THRONES is available now as an SF Masterworks in paperback and eBook. A whisperjewel from Gwen Delvano calls Dirk t’Larien across space and beyond the Tempter’s Veil to Worlorn, a dying Festival planet of rock and ice. Warlorn is slowly drifting through twilight to neverending night; as the planet sinks into darkness, so its inhabitants face annihilation . . . You can find out more about George R. R. Martin by visiting his website.