Happy Publication Day 19th November 2015

We’d like to wish a very happy publication day to two brilliant new novels. From an extraordinary SF debut that will leave you breathless to the haunting and unmissible sequel to The Falconer. Wishlists at the ready. We’ve got two very important reasons for you to visit your local bookshop, library or favourite eTailer.


Tom Toner + Elizabeth May

The Promise of the Child by Tom Toner– In the far future man has spread out into the galaxy. And diversified. Some have evolved physically into strange new forms, some have become immortal. Some hark back to the old ways. We have built a glorious new future. One that stretches from the sleepy Old World, to new terraformed planets and Dyson spheres built around artificial suns. For as long as we can remember (and some have lived 12,000 years) we have delighted in a rich new existence. Yes there have been wars but we are content in our splendour. Art is revered, life is easy, death forgotten for many. But now there are rumours of a bid to oust the Emperor and a worrying story that our history is not as we remember it – not only man left Earth… The Promise of the Child is out now in trade paperback and for a limited time available for £1.99 on eBook

The Vanishing Throne by Elizabeth May– The stunning sequel to The Falconer is here! Aileana took a stand against the Wild Hunt, and she lost everything: her home, her family and her friends. Held captive by her enemy, and tormenting herself over her failure, escape seems like only the faintest possibility. But when she gets her chance, she seizes it . . . to rejoin a world devastated by war.

The future is bleak. Hunted by the fae, running for her life, Aileana has only a few options left. Trying to become part of a society scarred by – and hiding from – the Wild Hunt; trusting that a fragile alliance with the fae will save her; or walking the most dangerous path at all: coming in to her own powers as the last of the Falconers . . . The Vanishing Throne is out now in trade paperback and eBook.