Happy Publication Day 28th April 2016!

tabit genesisLooking for some super science fiction for this long bank holiday weekend?

It’s the paperback release of The Tabit Genesis today, and paperbacks are just perfectly suited to being slipped into your pocket whenever you’re not relaxing and reading. Which should be almost never, right?

The Tabit Genesis by Tony Gonzales is full of epic space opera from the man who brought you the cracking novelisations of EVE online.

Greenland was where the Raothri struck first.

We discovered our human brotherhood too late. Not that it would have mattered. The Raothri were superior to humans in every way. The last recorded human transmission to Earth was a warning to never return. Our world was lost.

The Tabit Genesis and her crew are the last hope for our race’s survival. Settled arounda  distant star, the human race is expanding and colonizing once again, forever fearing the arrival of the aliens who destroyed Earth.

But doe the greatest threat to humanity come from the depths of space or from within?

The Tabit Genesis is out now in paperback and ebook.