Happy Publication Day 30th June 2016!

pub day 30th juneToday, we publish two titans of fantasy. Both are authors of classic tales and unforgettable characters, with long-running series under their belts. These are two names we have all grown up reading, so we are very excited about publishing them together today.

They are, of course, Michael Moorcock and Stephen R Donaldson.

The King’s Justice and The Augur’s Gambit by Stephen R Donaldson are two all-new novellas; 40,000 words each of richly imagined fantasy with beautiful world building and intense characterisation. Perfect reads for existing fans and new readers alike.

In The King’s Justice a man on a horse, confident in his powers but alone, rides a long and lonely road through rain-soaked woods. But he is on a path that he knows and he is bringing much needed justice with him. Four guards stop him. But not for long.

The Augur’s Gambit is the story of Mayhew Gordian, reader of entrails, augur to the Queen of Indemnie. In the bodies of chickens, lambs, piglets and one stillborn infant he sees the same message: Indemnie is doomed. But even in the face of certain destruction a man may fight. The Augur’s Gambit is his mad attempt to save a kingdom, and his own life.

Stephen Donaldson has clearly loved the opportunity to write all new fantasy and these books are a timely reminder of the power of his writing; writing that inspired a generation of readers and authors alike.

The King’s Justice and The Augur’s Gambit are available in hardback, eBook and audio now.


Michael Moorcock has brought us some of fantasy’s most enduring and iconic characters such as Elric of Melniboné and Jerry Cornelius. But perhaps his greatest character is not of his own making: the city of London. The London Trilogy is a work of outstanding literary significance, and now is the perfect time to collect all three in their new, definitive edition containing the author’s preferred text.

This is true, avant-garde, rock ‘n roll fantasy.


Mother London is a dazzling portrait of London from the height of the Blitz to the conflict of Thatcherism.

A group of hospital outpatients all find that they can hear voices – the secret voices of those around them, and echoes of the past. As we follow them across London and back into its history we learn of their lives, and their dreams. But are they truly tapping into London’s psyche, or are they just fooling themselves?

‘If this wonderful book does not finally convince the world that Moorcock is in fact one of our very best novelists and a national treasure, then there is no justice’ Listener


King of the City opens at the dawn of the new millennium in London just as the excesses of its past are about to catch up with it  . . .

Ex-rock star, East End lad and now unemployed paparazzi Denny Dover has left London, scarred by the death of Princess Diana. But a message from a supposedly-dead old friend draws him back to the seedy underbelly of the world’s greatest capital, and into a dizzying plot of excess and corruption.

‘One unstoppable, spellbinding, brilliant voice’ TLS


London Bone and Other Stories is the stunning revised collection of London short stories from one of the great writers of the city.

Mysterious fossils found deep under London’s streets create a whole new ‘heritage’ industry – but what does selling London’s history mean for the city? In these remarkable stories Moorcock explores the parts of London most of us never see, and creates a patchwork of tales which build up to a portrait of the whole city.

‘. . . the kind of effortlessly trenchant tour de force that most short-story practioners would envy’ Times Literary Supplement


Mother London, King of the City and London Bone and Other Stories are all available now in paperback and eBook.