Happy Publication Day to THE HATCHING!

hatching pub dayWe’re delighted to unleash upon the world the flesh crawling, spine tingling menace that is THE HATCHING, the first book by Ezekiel Boone. Published worldwide today, this slice of terror is perfect for those who like spiders crawling out of people’s faces. But if you don’t, that’s fine! (I’m aware I lost about 40% of readers just by writing that sentence). THE HATCHING is also a remarkably page-turning thriller which follows a diverse cast of characters through the beginnings of a worldwide disaster – one we can do very little to stop.

You won’t know who’s going to live and who’s going to die. You won’t know where the menace will strike next. And you definitely won’t be able to ignore the cobwebs that are building up on top of your cupboards and in the dark corners of your house…

But don’t just listen to me. Here’s what some others have had to say:


“You know those people who claim spiders are more afraid of us than we are of them? When it comes to The Hatching, they lied. Great gory fun – and creepy, in every sense of the word…” – John Connolly

“The Hatching is old school global plague horror of the freakiest sort. A deft and nasty thriller.” -Andrew Pyper, author of The Damned and The Demonologist

“This is a fresh take on classic horror, throughly enjoyable and guaranteed to leave your skin crawling.”
– Michael Koryta, NYT-bestselling author of Those Who Wish Me Dead

“This novel should come with a warning label: The Hatching is scary as hell. And addictively fun. Check your sheets, spray your basement and attic, flinch away from anything that scurries, because Ezekiel Boone has spun a globe-spanning web of terror that elevates everyone’s favorite household baddie—the spider—to the level of supervillain.”  -Benjamin Percy, author of The Dead Lands, Red Moon, and The Wilding

“What Peter Benchley did for sharks, James Herbert did for rats and Michael Crichton did for dinosaurs, Ezekiel Boone does for those eight-legged freaks that lurk in dark corners of our houses. The Hatching is a full-throttle pulse-pounder that will keep you up all night feverishly flipping its pages—and make you check for webs spun under your bed before you reluctantly turn off the lights.” -Nick Cutter, author of The Troop and The Deep

‘Like ‘Independence Day’ only with spiders . . .  {this} book is going to scare the crap out of people’ – Christopher Rice

THE HATCHING is out now in hardback, ebook and audio download. Read the chilling first forty pages in the extract below.

The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone Extract by Orion Publishing Group