When You Die — What To Do and How To Do It


As the proud publishers of SUMMERLAND by Hannu Rajaniemi, we are honoured to be able to share this public message, prepared by the Ministry of Information, in co-operation with the National Death Service One day, you will die. We now understand this process in scientific terms: as a detachment of the soul from our three-dimensional aetheric plane. One of the cornerstones of modern society is providing every citizen with a painless transition and continued, comfortable existence in the Second Aether, colloquially known as Summerland. In spite of the Crown’s best efforts, many find the experience disturbing. And unless proper care…


ONE WAY cover reveal and your chance to get your name in the book!

Eight astronauts.  One killer.  No way home.   Don’t be concerned about those alarm bells you hear ringing, we’re just breaking out the cover of ONE WAY by S.J. Morden, a murder mystery set on the frozen red wastes of Mars. That’s Dr Morden, by the way – he’s a bone fide rocket scientist. Which is perfect, because this means that you can rest assured that the science in ONE WAY is sound, and relax and enjoy all the gleefully brutal fun. Perfect for fans of Andy Weir’s THE MARTIAN, ONE WAY is a science fiction thriller that takes off…