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Same War, Different Enemy: A Guest Post by Greg Bear

Gollancz Team: - January 31st, 2017
Greg Bear

TAKE BACK THE SKY is the final book in Greg Bear’s adrenaline-fueled military SF trilogy WAR DOGS and Greg has joined us to talk about the act of writing about war.

Finishing a trilogy is nearly always an exhausting process. Bringing the characters we’ve followed for two books,  and grown attached to (I know I have) along through more tough times, just wears me down – but obviously, the theme of these novels is war, not happiness, and that … More

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Happy Publication Day 26th January 2017!

Gollancz Team: - January 26th, 2017
Gavin G. Smith, Greg Bear

It’s publication day! We bring the War Dogs trilogy to a thrilling, far-flung close in the depths of space, and go rogue with the Bastard Legion of Gavin Smith. All military SF, all the time!


Take Back the Sky by Greg Bear

Same war. Different enemy.

First it was Mars, then Titan – the battlefield changed but the war remained the same. Until now.

Master Sergeant Michael Venn and his soldiers now know the truth about what the supposedly benevolent Gurus are really … More

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