The Boy with the Porcelain Blade cover is revealed!

Meet the boy with the porcelain blade.

Boy with the Porcelain Blade AW HB


I knew that Den could write. He’d layered the seemingly simple premise of the Orc, Elf and Dwarf War Manuals with a mischievous wit, a rich world, a sparklingly original background myth and a prose style that adapted itself to different demands and voices. So I really shouldn’t have been surprised at just how good his first novel turned out to be. And The Boy With The Porcelain Blade is a joy. What it gives you (and how generously, how profusely) that the War Manuals perhaps couldn’t is a character to take you into this world, a character to empathise with entirely, even as his flaws frustrate you and his youthfulness makes you draw in a sharp breath on occasion.

Lucien de Fontein is an outsider in his world but that makes him a perfect bridge into it for the reader. And his charm, his wit and his bravery welcome you in. And now we’re delighted to be able to reveal the cover, that we hope introduces you to him and gives a sense of the shadowy and atmospheric world that he has grown up in: the immense cauldron of secrets that is the sprawling castle of Demesne.

If you enjoy following the characters of Scott Lynch and Jon Courtenay Grimwood through their richly imagined worlds we think you are going to find a lot to love behind this cover.

Cover design:

Cover illustration: © Alejandro Colucci