Cover Reveal: Crashing Heaven

We’re delighted to be able to exclusively reveal the cover for a superb SF debut that we’re publishing in June.

Crashing Heaven by Al Robertson is a thrillingly dark, bitingly witty post-cyberpunk thriller that reminded me of the excitement of reading Neuromancer for the first time. With an AI that appears as a (completely terrifying) ventriloquist’s dummy and corporations that have literally become gods this is an update on cyberpunk’s key themes that is as entertaining as it is thoughtful.

We toyed with lots of cover approaches for this. Should we show Hugo Fist for example? (Who is Hugo Fist you ask? Well let me just say that once you’ve read this you won’t forget him. Even if you want to.) Should we try and show the cyber realm? (No is the short answer – it so rarely works.) In the end we went for a depiction of the book’s setting which also allowed for a very eyecatching, almost abstract design.

And when you want a startling image of the inside of a hollowed out asteroid who should you turn to? You could do worse than the excellent Dominic Harman. Especially when he comes with an image as full-on fantastic as this.

Crashing Heaven is an amazing debut. It deserved an amazing cover. Thank you Dominic and to our art department for giving us exactly that.

Crashing Heaven will be available in bookshops as a trade paperback on the 18th June. You can pre-order your e-book copy from all UK e-tailers for just £1.99 from now through publication. To find out more about Al Robertson by following him on Twitter or visiting his blog