Cover Reveal: Shadows of Self

We’re delighted to reveal the cover for Brandon Sanderson’s new Mistborn book,Shadows Of Self. As with Alloy Of Law this is a wonderful fantasy with a steampunk feel starring the excellent Wax Ladrian. And as with Alloy of Law, and all of Brandon’s novels we have published, we asked Sam Green to work his particular magic on the cover art.

So here, with Wax looking suitably cool and leaning against a stylish and somewhat disconcerting mirror (can we have one for the office please?), is another cracking cover in series style. The original Mistborn trilogy was what we launched Brandon with in the UK and we’ve not looked back since. And Sam Green has been instrumental in giving us a distinctive identity for all of Brandon’s books (Shadows will be his seventeenth published illustration on one of Brandon’s titles for us).

Shadow of Self
Shadows of Self  will be out in  hardback, eBook and audio download in October 2015.