Cover Reveal: Empire V

We are delighted to reveal the cover for Victor Pelevin’s post-modern, masterpiece about a young man who involuntary joins a revolutionary cult . . .

Roman thought he’d found the perfect opportunity to rebel. He may have been wrong.

He awakens strapped to a set of parallel bars in a richly appointed sitting room, and begins a conversation with a masked man which will change his life. His world has been a facade – one which the mysterious Brahma is about to tear away.

A stunning novel about the real world, and about the hidden chanels of power behind the scenes, EMPIRE V is a post-modern satirical novel exploring the cults and corruption of politics, banking and power. And not only are these cults difficult to join – it turns out they may be impossible to leave . . .

The stunning cover illustration was done by the brilliant Sam Dunn and the typography by Graeme Langhorne.

Empire V will be published in trade paperback, hardback and eBook. It will be available in bookshops and online from the 18th February 2016.

empire cover