Cover Reveal: Calamity

We’re thrilled to be able to reveal the cover for the third of Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners novels; Calamity. This follows on from Steelheart and Firefight. It’s a series that, with its swift-moving action, engaging narrative voice and fantastic twist on the superhero trope, has won Brandon many new fans including a crossover YA audience.

Once again Sam Green has hit the nail on the head with a dark and moody cover  – something that really draws you through into the light coming from that mysterious doorway.

And don’t forget that Sam also did the cover for the Reckoners novella, Mitosis. A short sharp tale that comes between the events of Steelheart and Firefight.

Calamity will be published in hardback, eBook and audio download on the 18th February 2016. Can’t wait? Check out Brandon Sanderson’s brand new Mistborn novel, Shadows of Self in bookshops and online on 15th October 2015.