Announcing The Gospel of Loki Blog and Book Shop Tours!

The Gospel of LokiIt’s the last Friday of January and that can only mean one thing . . . it’s time to kick off all things Gospel of Loki! The  Gospel of Loki is our February Gollancz Geeks title and we’ll be spending the month bringing you exclusive competitions, extracts, teasers, trailers and much more! What’s not to love about the world’s favourite trickster god?

With his notorious reputation for trickery and deception, and an ability to cause as many problems as he solves, Loki is a Norse god like no other. Demon-born, he is viewed with deepest suspicion by his fellow gods who will never accept him as one of their own and for this he vows to take his revenge.

But while Loki is planning the downfall of Asgard and the humiliation of his tormentors, greater powers are conspiring against the gods and a battle is brewing that will change the fate of the Worlds.

From his recruitment by Odin from the realm of Chaos, through his years as the go-to man of Asgard, to his fall from grace in the build-up to Ragnarok, this is the unofficial history of the world’s ultimate trickster.

We can’t wait to tell you  more about Loki. We’re kicking off this weekend with a look at the trailer and giving you a look at the characters in our story. We’d suggest paying close attention to the characters as you may need to refer to them a bit later on in our Blog Tour!

You can also see Joanne M. Harris on The Gospel of Loki tour all this month.

Wednesday 12 February

6.30-pm                              WATERSTONES PICCADILLY SOLO TALK AND SIGNING

Thursday 13 February 

5.30 – 7pm                              FORBIDDEN PLANET PUBLIC SIGNING

Sunday 16 February

2pm – 3pm                             YORVIK VIKING CENTRE SOLO TALK AND SIGNING

3.45pm – 4.45pm                  WATERSTONES YORK PUBLIC SIGNING

Monday 17 February

6.30 – 7.30pm                        NEWCASTLE WATERSTONES TALK AND SIGNING

Tuesday 18 February

6.15 – 7.30pm                       EDINBURGH BLACKWELLS TALK AND SIGNING

Wednesday 19 February

6.30pm – 7.00pm                  OXFORD WATERSTONES SOLO TALK AND SIGNING

Thursday 20 February

7pm – 7.30pm                          CHICESTER WATERSTONES SOLO TALK AND SIGNING

Friday 21 February

7 – 8pm                                  MR B’s SOLO TALK AND SIGNING

Tuesday 25 February 

6.30 – 7.30pm                        OLDHAM LIBRARY TALK AND SIGNING

Wednesday 26 February

7.30 – 8.30pm                        OUNDLE BOOK FESTIVAL TALK AND SIGNING

Thursday 27 February

7.30pm – 8.30pm                  LOWDAM  BOOK FESTIVAL TALK AND SIGNING


We hope you enjoy the trailer and Loki’s descriptions of the character you’ll meet when the book publishes on the 13th February. Don’t forget to visit us on our Facebook, Twitter and Gollancz Dark Fantasy all next week for a “Life Lesson” from Loki.



These are the people you’re going to meet in the pages of this book. A word of advice before you start: don’t trust any of them.gospel of loki blog tour

The Gods

(aka the Popular Crowd)

Odin – aka One-Eye, Allfather, the Old Man, the General. Leader of the Aesir. Knows how to sell himself (and others). Would throw his brother to the wolves (and did) for a percentage.

Frigg – Odin’s wife, the Seeress. Stepmother of . . .

Thor – the Thunderer. Likes hi ing things. Not a fan of Yours Truly.

Sif – his wife. Nice hair. Also not a fan of mine.

Balder – god of peace. Yeah, right. Known as Balder the Fair. Handsome, sporty, popular. Sound a li le smug to you? Yes, I thought so too.

Bragi – god of poetry. Two words: expect lutes.

Idun – wife of Bragi. Likes fruit.

Freyja – goddess of desire. Vain, pe y and manipulative. Will sleep with practically anyone as long as jewellery is involved.

Frey – the Reaper. Twin brother of the above. Not a bad guy, but a fool for blondes.

Mani – the Moon. Drives a cool car.

Sól – the Sun. Drives a hot car.

Sigyn – handmaid of Freyja. Adoring wife. Possibly the most annoying woman in the whole of the Nine Worlds.

Heimdall – the Watchman. Not a fan. Has it in for Yours Truly.

Hoder – Balder’s blind brother. A better shot than you might think.

Mimir – the Wise. Odin’s uncle. Apparently, not wise enough.

Honir – the Silent. Never shuts up.

Njörd – father of Frey and Freyja. God of sea. Nice feet. Married to . . .

Skadi – the Snowshoe Huntress. Not one of my biggest fans. The words ‘forgive and forget’ don’t feature in her vocabulary. Has a thing about bondage. And snakes.

Aegir – god of the storm. Married to . . .

Ran – custodian of the drowned. Strangely enough, likes to party.

Týr – god of war. Brave, but not bright.



(including: demons, monsters, warlords, freaks and other undesirables)

Yours Truly – Your Humble Narrator. Otherwise known as the Trickster; the Father of Lies; Loki; Lucky; Wildfire; Dogstar and various other epithets, not all of them flattering. Not the most popular guy around.

Hel – his daughter, guardian of the Dead.

Jormungand – the World Serpent, demon off spring of Yours Truly.

Fenris – aka Fenny, demon wolf, also the demon off spring of, etc.

Angrboda – or Angie. Mother of the three above. So shoot me. Turns out I’m not naturally monogamous.

Dvalin – a smith. One of the sons of Ivaldi.

Brokk – a smith. Good at sewing.

Thiassi – a warlord. Skadi’s father. Likes: ice-fi shing; torture; foreign travel.

Thialfi – a fanboy.

Roskva – a fangirl.

Gullveig-Heid – the Sorceress. Renegade of the Vanir. Mistress of runes. Shapeshifter extraordinaire. Greedy, clever and spiteful. All my favourite qualities . . .

Lord Surt – ruler of Chaos. Or whatever you call the lord of a place that, by definition, has no rules.