Don’t miss the most POISONous event of the year!

The event of the month is on its way!

Here at Gollancz Towers we are delighted to be spreading the word about the most amazing event, which is happening this week:

In honour of the publication of Poison, the brilliant @sarahpinborough has arranged for a magical launch event in Blackwells on Charing Cross Road, from 18.30 onwards this Thursday. It really will be the more the merrier, so please come along! And if the prospect of seeing Poison enter the world in style isn’t quite enough, here are a few extra little enticements:


# Blackwells will be selling copies of Poison for £5, in an on-the-night exclusive!

# There will be free wine!

# The extraordinary @MadNad  is providing the most amazing free poison apple cookies! (Seriously: wow)

apple cookie

# Sarah Pinborough will be interviewed by @LadyGrimDark (the power behind @LordGrimDark’s throne – he will also be in attendance)

# There will also be a saucy reading from the book!

# The fabulous illustrator, Les Edwards, will also be available to sign copies of the book!


It’s going to be the most brilliant, fun event in London – and if you’re tempted but still making up your mind, why not take a quick look at the first  and second  chapters on the blog. We promise they’re worth a few minutes of your time.