Geeks Friday Reads: The Falconer


Happy Friday Gollancz Blog Readers! We are happy to share with you our first  Geeks Friday Read for The Falconer, a September Gollancz Geeks title!  Today’s Geeks Friday Read is from Ti Colluney. You can follow Ti on Twitter @EternalsBlissy

I was super thrilled to hear I had been chosen to review The Falconer by Elizabeth May.  I had not heard of the book or the author except through the Geeks and I am always thrilled to try new authors.

I began reading this book in my spare time (I worked a 98 hour work week last week!) and I must say it was hard to put it down!  I love the touch of steampunk throughout the book which I have never read before.  The heroine and other characters were believable and I loved the banter between them.  As someone with a more happy fantasy type feel towards fairies, this book taught me different!  Even sweet adorable pixies can be quite nasty.

I will always keep honey and bits of sparkly accessories on hand just in case, because having my own Derrick, the pixie living in Lady Aileana’s closet, would be super handy!

Lady Aileana, now at a marriageable age, saw the gruesome murder of her mother at the hands of one of the worst of Fae; unlocking secrets hidden from her until now. As a Fairy killer, she must battle not only the evil Fae that are set to take over the world, but her own father and society who do not understand who she is and why.

As I said, this is brilliantly written, set in a Victorianesque era with splashes of steampunk and humour.  I was very disappointed though when the book finished.  I wanted more!  Now I guess I will have to wait for the next one since she left this one on a cliffhanger!  (please tell me there are more to come PLEASE!) *


*There are definitely more books in The Falconer trilogy. Book Two will be out in 2014. 

Want to find out more about The Falconer? You can read the first chapter here and go on a virtual tour with Elizabeth May in the video below. 

The Falconer is out now where all books are sold.