On the fifth day of Geekmas…

Gollancz day 5 effectIt’s day five of our Geekmas giveaway and we’re adding five fierce proofs to our bundle. With 2014 quickly approaching we’ve got some incredibly exciting titles to share with you. And what better way to share them then to add them to our bundle. Over the first five months of 2014 we’ve got the gospel of the ultimate trickster, a literary dystopia of dark technology and monstrous men, a brand new hero, a war between heaven and hell and a family that will be reunited at all costs. We’ve got something for everyone. To enter our giveaway fill in the form below.* And remember to visit us on Twitter (@Gollancz) to be a part of our daily giveaways!


The Gospel of Loki
The rise and fall of the Norse gods – retold from the point of view of the world’s ultimate trickster, Loki. Following Loki’s recruitment from the underworld of Chaos, his many exploits on behalf of his one-eyed master, Odin, through to his eventual betrayal of the gods and the fall of Asgard itself, this is a contemporary and original retelling of the Norse mythology.


Two friends are working at the cutting edge of this technology and when they are offered backing to take the idea and make it into the next global entertainment they realise that wolves hunt in this imagined world. And the wolves might be them. A story about technology becomes a personal quest into a changed world and the pursuit of a secret from the past. A secret about a missing mother, a secret that could hide a murder. This is no dry analysis of how a technology might change us, it is a terrifying thriller, a picture of a dark tomorrow that is just around the corner.


The Boy with the Porcelain Blade
Lucien de Fontein has grown up different. One of the mysterious and misshapen Orfano who appear around the Kingdom of Landfall, he is a talented fighter yet constantly lonely, tormented by his deformity, and well aware that he is a mere pawn in a political game. Ruled by an insane King and the venomous Majordomo, it is a world where corruption and decay are deeply rooted – but to a degree Lucien never dreams possible when he first discovers the plight of the ‘insane’ women kept in the haunting Sanatoria. In a world of betrayals and deceit a lone hero will rise.


Son of the Morning

In the 14th century, the nations of Europe rose up against each other. The Hundred Years War raged, and angels and demons stalked the earth.

Combining The epic fantasy of George R.R. Martin and the vivid historical adventure of Bernard Cornwell, Mark Alder has a created a fantasy that will sweep you to a new vision of the Hundred Years War.


In Dark Service
Carter has been kidnapped. Enslaved. But he’s determined to fight to the end.

Jacob is a pacifist. His family destroyed. He’s about to choose the path of violence to reclaim his son.

Their world has changed for ever. Between them, they’re going to avenge it.

Wars will be started. Empires will fall. And the Carnehan family will be reunited, one way or another…

*We will send out proof copies as they become available if they are not printed when we ship the Christmas bundle. This will not hold up the shipping of the Christmas bundle prize or daily prizes.