Happy Birthday, Stephen Donaldson!

stephen donaldsonTo mark Stephen Donaldson’s birthday we thought we’d pull together some brief snippets from just some of the critical reactions to his most famous works; The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant.

With the First and Second Chronicles now available in the UK in ebook for the first time and the epic Last Chronicle now complete at four volumes, now’s the perfect time to dive into ten volumes that came to shape the fantasy landscape during the 1980s and onwards into the 21st century. Here is a fantasy series of rare beauty, extraordinary vision, awesome world building and complex and involved characterisation.

Once you’ve met the uniquely flawed and troubled Thomas Covenant, the endlessly strong Linden Avery, the giants, the lethal and always loyal Haruchai and the limitlessly spiteful Lord Foul you’ll never forget them.

Happy birthday Stephen Donaldson and thank you for this landmark fantasy.



“Something entirely out of the ordinary” – The Times

“Remarkable scope and sophistication” -Los Angeles Times

“Covenant is Donaldson’s genius” -Village Voice

“An irresistible epic … imagination, heroism and excitement, made all the more real by Donaldson’s deft handling of the rich history of the Land.” -Chicago Daily News

“Comparable to Tolkien at his best … a remarkable achievement which will certainly find a place on the small list of true classics.” -Washington Post

“If there is any justice in the world, Stephen Donaldson will earn the right to stand shoulder to shoulder with Tolkien” -Time Out

”The most individual of the Tolkien successors” -Guardian

“A master story-teller of epic proportions…a master at writing in any genre” -Andromeda

“The engaging humanity of Donaldson’s characters compels attention” -Publishers Weekly