Discover the book everyone is talking about: The Incorruptibles!

9780575123328Last week we published THE INCORRUPTIBLES, the first fantasy novel from Bram Stoker Award nominated John Hornor Jacobs. Our subscriber copies of SFX Magazine arrived yesterday and brought a nice surprise – a rare 5 Star review by David Bradley, the editor of SFX himself!

SFX said (among other nice things): “The Incorruptibles is a rare thing: a clever story and an action-packed one” and put a big ‘SFX Recommends’ badge by it.

I thought I’d round up some of the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had so far  – as you can see, a lot of people are falling in love with this book… You can buy the ebook for £1.99/$2.99 for the next few days, or UK readers can get a physical copy from their local bookshop (sorry US-ians – we hope to have some news soon about distribution your side of the Atlantic!). There’s also a glorious limited edition hardback available from Goldsboro books. The audiobook is also now up, narrated by the legendary Stephen Pacey.


PATRICK ROTHFUSS: “One part ancient Rome, two parts wild west, one part Faust. A pinch of Tolkien, of Lovecraft, of Dante. This is strange alchemy, a recipe I’ve never seen before. I wish more books were as fresh and brave as this”

CHUCK WENDIG: “It’s GUNSLINGER meets LORD OF THE RINGS. It is amazing.” And “This book is legit amazing”

MARK LAWRENCE, author of The Broken Empire books : “An exceptionally well written book that shows an alternative world with numerous echoes of our own… a strong tale, well told, and sat very well with me”

MYKE COLE, author of The Shadow Ops series: “Fantasy needs writers who push the envelope, and Jacobs finds the edge and tears right through it. If you want original, you’ve picked up the right book”

STEPHEN DEAS, author of The Memory Flames sequence: “bloody marvellous”

MATT WALLACE, author of the SLINGERS series: “Don’t buy my books, buy THE INCORRUPTIBLES by @johnhornor. It’s better.”


Blogs: “It’s here that The Incorruptibles gets good. Great, I’d go so far as to say. Now that the stakes have been made plain, our heroes’ real responsibilities revealed, and the overarching conflict at least alluded to, Jacobs’ novel properly kicks off. What follows is grim and gripping, surprising and exciting, tense and tremendously well-told, too.”

Upcoming4me: “wildly innovative and highly readable story which, I think, should be nominated for quite a few awards next year. It is unlike anything else out there at the moment and I think many will be surprised by its unflinching ambition and often, beautifully poetic language.”

Fantasy Book Review: “8.5/10 Fast paced, action packed with its unusual mix of Westerns, daemons and Ancient Rome. “

Parmenion books: “This for me reminded me of the first time I read a Mark Lawrence, Scott Lynch and Joe Abercrombie, that sense of WOW, this is fresh and new and exciting. That I need to read more from this author very soon.”

The Book Bag: “This is an author with vision as we’re slowly separated from our preconceptions.”

SFF world:The Incorruptibles is not the longest book in the world, but its relentless drive, its tight focus and its identifiable characters leaves you wanting more at the end, and it is more memorable as a result of its brevity. Definitely an author I’d revisit again.”

The Book plank:The Incorruptibles is a great opener to a new series, you will learn a lot, some questions are answered but a lot more raised. I am already a big fan of this series and am looking forward to see just in which direction John Hornor Jacobs will take his story next.”

Civilian Reader: “A quick, interesting and original fantasy novel. Definitely recommended, I am eager to read more by this author, and certainly more in this world.”

SFSignal: “4.5/5. An absorbing turn into secondary world fantasy that deserves a wide audience”

Grame’s SFF blogspot: “In short, read ‘The Incorruptibles’. Just do it. Once Hornor Jacobs lets the plot have its head, the book is a joy to behold.”

The Eloquent Page: “This is definitely one of my favourite reads so far in 2014.”


So if that lot doesn’t tempt you to check out the book, I don’t know what will!