#WeirdLondon- Celebrating Favourite London Based Novels

London, any city in fact, is a coming together of many, many stories. Writers of the fantastic have long been fascinated by the potential of cities as locales for their stories but London, with its unique combination of great age, many cultures and continuing significance, has been the setting for perhaps more than its fair share of stories of the strange, surreal and fantastic.

From tales of other Londons existing alongside the city we know, to ghost stories, to metaphysical horror, to thrilling stories of modern-day gods; from the literary and the surreal to the comic and the bawdy we wanted to hear what your favourite stories of #WeirdLondon were. And you came up with some wonderful examples. There’s plenty here to add to any TBR pile and we’re sure this list will only prompt others to add their own – why not let us know in the comments if there’s any that you feel should be added.

After all I see no Borribles here (although they are very elusive I suppose)…