Mistborn Mondays: The Hero of Ages

Welcome back to another instalment of #MistbornMondays!

We’re coming to the last week of this 10 week readathon (phew!) and only have a few days left to finish the final book in the first part of the Mistborn series, The Hero of Ages.

After reading (or rather devouring) the first two books at a rapid pace, I’m fully immersed in Brandon Sanderson’s wonderfully rich and detailed world and the characters are so familiar to me.

You can check out my video reviews of the first two books below – warning, spoilers!:

However, reading The Hero of Ages seems to be taking me a little while. As this series (or the first part at least!) is being brought to a close, I’m lamenting the series already – but I think the exhaustion of reading almost three 800 page novels in just over two months is finally catching up with me!

We’ve had so many of you taking part – whether fresh readers or already established fans of the series – and it’s been a wonderful build up to the release date of Shadows of Self, Brandon Sanderson’s latest Mistborn novel, on 8th October.

Here’s some updates from my fellow readathon-ers:



Check out George from GeorgeLesterReads’s video review of The Well of Ascension:

Until next week, happy reading!