5 Reasons to read (or reread) The Falconer

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We are delighted to welcome Daphne of Winged Reviews to the blog for the first of our The Falconer Readalong posts. In today’s blog post Daphne gives you 5 reasons why you should be reading (or re-reading) The Falconer right now. 

5 Reasons to read (or reread) The Falconer:

Victorian Edinburgh – It is the perfect setting for this book. The blend of Aristocratic balls and deadly faeries really only works in this magical, beautiful city.

The Characters – Author Elizabeth May is a master of characterisation. Aileana is remarkable, and I guarantee you will also love Kiaran, Gavin, and Derrick. I need someone to fangirl with please?

Steampunk – Aileana’s got mad invention skills, and her arsenal of steampunk weapons and gadgets add a touch of enchantment.

Fae – not your standard YA faerie fare, in this book, they are ruthless, bloodthirsty creatures. Add in a few of Aileana’s guns and it makes for some incredible action sequences.

Revenge – as a motivational tool, it’s pretty strong and it’s what made the book stand apart for me. Vengeance rules.

If you read The Falconer almost two years ago, you definitely want to bring yourself back to that amazing(ly cruel) cliffhanger ending before starting The Vanishing Throne. I know I definitely do! If you are reading The Falconer for the first time during this readalong, count yourself lucky that book two is only a couple of weeks away!

I can’t wait to be in Aileana’s world again. You can follow my reading progress on Twitter and Goodreads throughout the week. Feel free to tweet or message me anytime during the readalong if you want someone to chat to!

Don’t forget to visit the blog next Friday, where I’ll be discussing my thoughts on Chapters 1-11. See you then!

The Falconer is out now in paperback and eBook. The Vanishing Throne is out in bookshops and online on the 19th November.

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