The Falconer Read Along (Chapters 23 – 29)

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We are delighted to welcome Daphne of Winged Reviews back to the blog for the fourth of our The Falconer Read Along posts. In today’s blog post Daphne recaps Chapters 23-29 of the The Falconer.

Welcome back to The Falconer recap and our weekly recap of the progress! This section of the book is a bit slower, but no less entertaining, as we finally get to know more about shady Kiaran and get to meet the big bad.

When we last left off, Gavin had just walked into an uncomfortable situation with Kiaran and a somewhat undressed Aileana. Kiaran immediately knows he’s a Seer, picks him up by his throat and forces him to reveal his visions to him. Unfortunately, secretive Kiaran refuses to tell Aileana what the vision was but I think we can all surmise it’s a scary, end of the world as we know it scenario.

In a parade of somewhat unwanted visitors, after Kiaran leaves, Catherine shows up with her mother. She is so old-fashioned and rather stuck up. It was quite disrespectful for her to go on a rant, and if I was Aileana, I would have probably blown my fuse sooner. It’s a sweet moment when Aileana kicks her out of the house. Aileana 1 – future mother-in-law 0.

It also turns out that Kiaran has a magical potion that heals all wounds. Aileana is rightly annoyed about not hearing about this before, but is grateful. Kiaran also turns out to be a skilled seamstress (seamster…?) of human skin.

After Aileana recovers, Kiaran takes Aileana to a gateway to the fae world: this beautiful, tranquil lake. They are then accosted by Sorcha, the fae who killed Aileana’s mother. Sorcha tortures Aileana by making her relive her mother’s death. She’s on a mission to eradicate anyone with a trace of Falconer lineage. Sorcha also taunts Kiaran and these two very obviously have a history together. Aileana, always armed, drops a thistle-enhanced bomb into the lake, which weakens Sorcha. Aileana has a clear shot, before Kiaran gets in the way and she blacks out.

It’s revealed to a very angry Aileana that Kiaran and Sorcha’s lives are tied together – one can’t die without the other. Kiaran is also banned from returning back to the fae realm for reasons unknown. Aileana is morally conflicted over this, as her sole driving force in life is killing Sorcha. Now with Kiaran’s life at stake, she’s not so sure.

We end with Aileana’s Spidey Falconer senses tingling and they discover a circular golden door in the ground. This is where the fae hordes will escape once the seal is broken!

So, what did you think of Kiaran’s backstory? I still don’t trust the guy, but I do like the way that the author keeps us wanting to know more. Stay with me for one more week as we recap the very exciting finale!

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