'Empire of the Saviours' – competition winners

Coming in May 2012!

Well, that worked. The most comments we’ve had on the blog so far! We’ll look into doing some more cover reveals in the near future, and perhaps some more articles on the ‘hidden’ bits of publishing. Oh, let’s face it, it was popular because we were giving away books, wasn’t it? But, without further ado, here are the winners of a proof copy of A J Dalton’s Empire of the Saviours

Sarah, for: To give to my dear friend to say thank you for making me as big a fan as he is of Adam’s work. Words are not enough, a proof copy is!

Inkdemon, for: I deserve to win the proof copy, because I’ve never read any of AJ Dalton’s books – I always knew there was something missing.

From twitter, A.F.E.Smith (whose profile picture is a robin), for : Not only am I the world’s first fantasy-reading robin, I can also count to 140. Such talent should be rewarded.

Also from twitter, Robin Carter for: no-one deserves a copy but would like to finally review a book and cover where the art seems to match quality and passion of txt

And Elloise, for: I deserve a proof copy because a fantasy book confident enough to relegate a dragon from cover to spine earns itself a place on my reviews list.

And an extra bonus copy for Ellie, who ignored the word count but I want to give a book to anyway: I think I deserve a copy of the book because it would mean so much to me as I’ve met Adam when he came to my school, and he took his time to read my own book I have been writing for 7 months, which means a lot to me. I respect him for doing that and I would love to see more of his work.

Emails/tweets will be on the way to all the lucky winners today (or Monday if my meeting overruns), and to everyone else, thanks for entering! I hope you pick up the book when it comes out, and stay tuned, there will be more chances to win Gollancz books soon.