A very Sinister Valentine’s Day

sinister-valentines-web-(3) (2)Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. This evening you’re supposed to take your loved one out for a romantic meal, lavish them with flowers and chocolate and whisper sweet nothings into their ear. It’s a day of love and cards with big red velvet hearts and teddy bears on the front.

Of course, at Gollancz we advise you to do no such thing. At Gollancz, we advise you and your loved one to curl up on the sofa with a supernatural killer and watch people being dismembered in a horrible fashion. We’re talking of course about Sinister one of last year’s most terrifying movies now out on DVD and Blu Ray. It was co-written by C. Robert Cargill who is the author of one of our most exciting debuts this year, Dreams and Shadows.

Want to take part? Well, rush out today and buy your copy of Sinister, which is, of course a brilliant Valentine present anyway, much better for you than wine or chocolate, and start it playing at 8pm. As you’re watching it (between your fingers if you’re anything like me) tweet your thoughts about the film with the hashtag #survivesinister. There’ll be prizes to be won and if you’ve got questions, @Sinister_UK will be online from 7.30pm to answer them.

We hope many of you will join in and look out for Dreams and Shadows, publishing from Gollancz on February 28th. It’s a dark, twisted grown-up fairytale that is as terrifying and clever as Sinister.

So Happy Valentine’s Day from Gollancz. We hope you have a bloody good time.

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