Gollancz at the Hugo Awards

The biggest fan voted awards in the genre, the Hugos, were awarded this year at the 71st World SF Convention at San Antonio. We couldn’t be more thrilled that our authors feature heavily amongst the winners. We’d like to congratulate them and all the other shortlisted individuals and organisation on their achievement.

The Best Novel Hugo was won by the redoubtable, trenchant and ever entertaining John Scalzi for his fantastic novel Redshirts. If you don’t follow John on twitter (@scalzi) then you really should – sharp wit, warm heart and big intelligence. And as for his novels…

Congratulations also to Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) who was shortlisted for the award with his excellent debut The Throne of the Crescent Moon.

The Best Novella Hugo was won by that master of the epic and the fantastic, Brandon Sanderson (@brandsanderson), for his sharp and to the point novella The Emperor’s Soul. This is available alongside his excellent novella Legion in our omnibus edition. Congratulations to Brandon for proving that his superb storytelling skills come in all sizes.

Brandon was also part of the Writing Excuses team who won the Best Related Work Hugo for Writing Excuses: Series Seven

Last (for us at these awards) and by no means least (for us and every other right thinking sentient being on the planet) is the wondrous Pat Cadigan (@cadigan) who won the Best Novelette Hugo for The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi. This was part of the excellent Edge of Infinity anthology published by Solaris. Congratulations to Pat and to Solaris for a cracking bit of publishing.

Pat is published as part of our Gateway library and her superb cyberpunk novel Synners is very deservedly part of the Masterworks list.

Congratulations to all once again.

Can I just end this by extending our commiserations to Helsinki who lost out by just 30 votes in their bid to host World SF in 2015. How fab would that have been?