WFC 2013 – where we are this weekend

It’s the 2013 World Fantasy Convention, and we’re excited! If you want to know where we’ll be, who’ll be at the convention and what’s going on with the Gollancz crowd, just have a scroll down and see what we and our authors are up to for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday, November 2nd


It’s another early start and another fantastic day! Join Patrick Rothfuss and a selection of fabulous authors as they discuss worldbuilding in the panel ‘The Best of all Possible Worlds’ in the Cambridge Room.


‘Are all the Best Genre Books Now YA?’ is the subject, and Holly Black is one of the fabulous panellists looking for the answer. Are they? Find out in the Oxford Room.


Join Scott Lynch, for a brilliant reading from his work and a signing in Hall 8B.


The legendary Brian Aldiss takes to the stage for a Guest of Honour interview to remember, with the superb Stephen Baxter in the interviewer chair. Guaranteed to be wonderful, you can join the conversation in the Oxford Room.


Joe Abercrombie will be on hand with a reading from his work and then a signing in Hall 8A.


The future of publishing is back on the agenda in this panel featuring our very own Digital Publishing Director Darren Nash.  Are ebooks ‘A Book By Any Other Name?’ The answer is in Hall 4.


‘Nifty Shades of Grey’ is one of the best-titled panels of the convention, peopled with some fabulous panellists. Catch up with Joanne Harris and James Barclay to discuss the resurgence of fairy tales – they and the fae will be in the Oxford Room


Are you an aspiring writer, an agent, or just interested in the business? Join a panel of experienced editors, including Gollancz’s Deputy Publishing Director Gillian Redfearn, to learn what editors and publishers never want to see again in the panel ‘What Else Have You Got?’ in Hall 4.


In an off-site event, join the wonderful Scott Lynch at the Red Roaster Cafe, Brighton from 14.00 onwards, for a relaxed chat, reading, Q&A session and a chance to hang out with the author of Locke Lamora’s daring escapades!


Catch up with the wonderful Suzanne McLeod with a reading from her work and a signing in Hall 8B.


‘Elvish has Left the Building’ is tied with ‘Nifty Shades of Grey’ for best-titled panel, and it should be one of the most fun with panellists including Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch and Stan Nicholls asking if traditional fantasy has run its course. Is there another reinvention on the cards? Find out in the Oxford Room.


The future is a theme for this hour – join Jaine Fenn, Stephen Baxter, Joe Haldeman, Brian Aldis and Peter F. Hamilton as they discuss ‘The Stars their Destinations: Does Science Fiction Have a Future?’ in the Cambridge Room.


Meanwhile there’s a valid question posed in ‘The Mainstream and Us’, which Joanne Harris and Mike Marshall Smith will be discussing. Is the mainstream just the genre in disguise? You can join the conversation in Hall 4.

Sunday, November 3rd


Team Gollancz gets a lie in and a chance for Sunday brunch today, with our first panel kicking off at 11.00. Bring your coffee and listen in as Mike Marshall Smith gets to grips with ‘By Any Other Name: What Makes An Author Change Their Byline?’  in Hall 4.


‘Please Sir, I Want Some More: How to Write That Difficult Second Book’ features the wonderful Sarah Pinborough. How do sequels work, and what makes authors excited, and readers come back for more? The answers are in Hall 4.


The moment many have been waiting for! The World Fantasy Awards presentation takes place in the Oxford Room, so come and see who has scooped one of the most prestigious prizes in the genre.


‘The Judges’ Decision is Final’ as the judges, including author Holly Black and translator Tom Clegg will tell you themselves in this panel. If you have a question, drop in and ask in Hall 4.