The Rivers of London Rap – written, composed and performed by Doc Brown and Mikis Michaelides.

Introducing The Rivers of London rap! Yep, you read that right!

What do you do when two talented friends tell you they’d love to write, compose and record a rap song based on your novels? Well you say yes of course. Especially if your novels are steeped in everything that makes London the rich multi-cultural city that it is.

If your know the books you’ll definitely recognise their world from this song. And as a sharp and amusing introduction to this Bestselling series of crime (meets the supernatural) novels set in a city that the author clearly adores, this song by Doc and Mikis really couldn’t be better.  Ben’s hero, PC Peter Grant, would love it (it’s about him after all). Peter’s boss Peter Nightingale would wince and shake his head. And Peter’s friend Abigail? Ooh she’d hate it. Not dubstep you see. And who knows what Molly would think…

So take a listen. But beware. If you enjoy this and decide to take a look at Ben’s novels as a result get ready for a long love affair. With London.

Click here to listen The Rivers of London rap

rivers of london rap








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