Acquisition Announcement: Sanctuary by V.V. James

Gollancz acquires World rights to Sanctuary by V.V. James

Rachel Winterbottom, Commissioning Editor at Gollancz, bought World rights for Sanctuary by V.V. James in a two-book deal from Robert Kirby at United Agents. Publishing spring 2019, Sanctuary is a small-town murder mystery about four women with a dark secret who find themselves at the centre of a gripping investigation that sends shockwaves across the nation.

Rachel Winterbottom said: ‘For those who loved the mystery and scandal of Big Little Lies and the sisterhood of Practical Magic, V.V. James’ Sanctuary is a biting, tightly plotted, cross-genre thriller that takes a paranoid peek behind closed doors to explore how dangerous our fear can be.’

V.V. James said: ‘The story of Sanctuary speaks to the issues of now – consent culture, and societal paranoia – with my favourite twist of magic, and I’m so thrilled to be telling it with Rachel and the dynamic Gollancz team.’

Robert Kirby said: ‘Sanctuary is the magical result of a gripping concept, brilliant author and fired-up publisher – pure alchemy.’

The small Connecticut town of Sanctuary is rocked by the death of its popular star quarterback.

Daniel’s death looked like an accident, but everyone knows his ex-girlfriend Harper is the daughter of a witch – and she was there when he died.

Then the rumours start. When Harper insists Dan was guilty of a terrible act, the town turns on her. So was his death an accident, revenge – or something even darker?

As accusations fly and secrets are revealed, paranoia grips the town, culminating in a trial that the whole world is watching . . .


V.V. James is the author (as Vic James) of the contemporary fantasy trilogy Gilded Cage, Tarnished City, and Bright Ruin. Gilded Cage is a 2018 World Book Night pick and a Radio 2 Book Club selection. V.V.  worked as an investigative producer for Channel 4 News and now directs documentaries for BBC1 and BBC2.   



trade paperback £13.99 | ebook £13.99 | audio £19.99