Acquisition Announcement: Smoke in the Glass by Chris Humphreys

Gollancz is delighted to announce the acquisition of a brand-new fantasy trilogy from historical fiction author Chris (‘C. C.’) Humphreys. Humphreys has previously written numerous historical novels including the bestselling VLAD, THE BLOODING OF JACK ABSOLUTE, and the duology FIRE and PLAGUE. This is his first foray into fantasy.

Gollancz Commissioning Editor Marcus Gipps acquired world rights to the IMMORTALS’ BLOOD trilogy from Heather Adams at HMA Literary Agency.  Marcus Gipps said: ‘I’m delighted to welcome Chris back to the Orion fold with the first book of a remarkable fantasy trilogy, tinged with historical parallels and full of adventure and magic.’

The first book of the Immortals’ Blood Trilogy, SMOKE IN THE GLASS, introduces us to three lands peopled by humans and immortals. In Corinthium a decadent endlessly-lived elite run the world for profit and power. But when a poor, honest solider dies, and is reborn, everything changes. In wintry Midgarth, where immortals are revered as deities, one of them has realized that something – or someone – is killing the gods. While in Ometepe there is only one immortal, for he has murdered every other. Until one woman gives birth to a very special baby.

Yet there is a fourth, hidden land, where savage tribes have united under the prophecy of ‘the One’: a child who is neither boy nor girl. Now they plan to conquer the world. Unless a broken soldier, a desperate mother and a crippled god can stop them…

Chris Humphreys said: ‘At the turn of the Millennium, Orion Publishing took a chance on me with my first novel, THE FRENCH EXECUTIONER. Now, twenty years later, I have come home. What an honour to join Gollancz. The house that published Orwell and Du Maurier? The publishers of Stephen Donaldson, whose Thomas Covenant books devastated me in the 80’s? Who publish Joe Abercrombie today? I could not be more excited.’

Heather Adams said: ‘A novel by Chris Humphreys always jumps to the top of a reading list and then life stops while you are captured in the worlds he creates.  His first foray into the world of fantasy fiction won’t disappoint any of his existing fans and readers.’

Emily Hayward Whitlock from The Artists Partnership says ‘We have already received considerable interest in this series from film and TV companies, and we are very excited about getting the material out there.’

Chris Humphreys was born in Toronto and grew up in Los Angeles and London. A third generation actor and writer on both sides of his family, he lives on Salt Spring Island, Canada.

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UK & EXPORT: Trade Paperback £16.99 | eBook £16.99 | Audio £19.99