Cover Reveal: Gallowglass, S.J. Morden

We are thrilled to reveal the cover for S.J. Morden’s upcoming novel, Gallowglass. Ready yourself for a journey into the reaches of space, as the space-race goes corporate, and desperate people sign up to lay claim to mineral-rich asteroids. There’s a lot to gain, but no room for slip ups.

Near-future, edge-of-your seat climate change thriller for fans of Al Reynolds and Richard Morgan.

The year is 2069, and the earth is in flux. Whole nations are being wiped off the map by climate change. Desperate for new resources, the space race has exploded back into life.

Corporations seek ever greater profits off-world. They offer immense rewards to anyone who can claim space’s resources in their name. The bounty on a single asteroid rivals the GDP of entire countries, so every trick, legal or not, is used to win.

Jack, the scion of a shipping magnate, is desperate to escape earth and joins a team chasing down an asteroid. But the ship he’s on is full of desperate people – each one needing the riches claiming the asteroid will bring them, and they’re willing to do anything if it means getting there first.

Because in Space, there are no prizes for coming second. It’s all or nothing: riches beyond measure, or dying alone in the dark.

Praise for ONE WAY:

‘A blend of classic mystery, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and Andy Weir’s THE MARTIAN, ONE WAY is a science fiction thriller like no other‘ Waterstones

Gallowglass is available to pre-order now! You can get your copy here.