Wolfhound Century: What the Geeks thought

9780575130555- wolfhound century pbWe promised you some Geeks reviews, and we will deliver! Sometimes Gollancz is just fashionably late, okay? Last week we shared what reviewers and other authors were saying about Wolfhound Century, to celebrate the paperback publication, but now it’s the turn of our Gollancz Geeks.

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Gollancz Geeks on Wolfhound Century

‘A fantastically well written, brilliantly imagined world, set in a Russia, that may not be a Russia, Peter Higgins builds his world deftly and populates his world with characters and hidden worlds that are living breathing characters in themselves. Count me intrigued for the next series.’ Vinay Vasan Badri

‘Peter Higgins has created a world which is beautifully evocative and unusual.  His description of place immerses the reader within it.’ Tina-Price Johnson

‘This is a fantastic reading, which I’d recommend to anybody how likes good storytelling and great atmospheres, since it doesn’t dive too deep in any particular genre, but keeps a good balance between them all, still adding enough personality to create some feeling with the reader.’ Piero Alberto Santagiuliana 

‘Higgins is a gifted stylist and his words are a pleasure to read. I am sure this is a book that will bear repeated re-readings in the future. Wolfhound Century is a complex, thoughtful and fascinating novel that is endlessly entertaining. I loved it.’ Patrick Mohan

‘I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  When I first heard about it, I was afraid it would be stodgy and political, not to say boring, but I was very happy to be proved wrong.  This book was fascinating, and the end of each short chapter left me wanting to read on and find out more. ‘ Melanie Goldmund

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