On This Day: The First Worldcon

Not for the first time, we are indebted to the Hugo-winning Encyclopedia of Science Fiction for pointing out – via its excellent On This Day function – that the first Worldcon began seventy-five years ago today in New York City.

This major event began in 1939 and (following an early hiatus caused by war, from 1942 to 1945) continues to be held annually, most frequently in the USA, where it has attracted as many as 8000 attending.

With London‘s third Worldcon (the UK’s seventh) only six weeks away and rumoured to be set to attract almost 10,000 attendees, we thought it the perfect time to celebrate the long fannish heritage of science fiction – and to remind all of you who might be thinking about attending that time (and hotel space!) is running out . . .

You can find out more about LonCon, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention (14-18 August, 2014), at the official website: www.loncon3.org/