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Friday Reads: Dead Ever After

This week’s Friday Read is Dead Ever After, the final novel in Charlie Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series, which came out this week. Through their tears at saying goodbye to Sookie, Gillian and Jen have managed to give you a Friday Read…

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Farewell Sookie: Deadlocked

We are so excited for the publication of Dead Ever After, the final Sookie Stackhouse novel. But before we get to the finale we’re looking back at the entire series. Last summer we sat down with Charlaine Harris and filmed a series of interviews discussing the Sookie Stackhouse novels. We asked Charlaine to share a special memory with all her fans to help us say Farewell to Sookie.

Our final video, and the penultimate book in the series, is Deadlocked.

Missed our other interviews? You can watch them all here.

Dead Ever After will be available where all good books are sold on the 7th May.

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Farewell Sookie: A Look Back at Dead Until Dark

Welcome to the first in our #TrueBloodTuesday #FarewellSookie series. Today, Team Gollancz Dark Fantasy will be looking back at Dead Until Dark, with a mixture of recaps, comments and videos we hope you’ll join us as […]

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