Day Zero

Day Zero

‘SEA OF RUST is a 40-megaton cruise missile of a novel – it’ll blow you away and lay waste to your heart . . . visceral, relentless, breathtaking‘ Joe Hill, Sunday Times bestselling author

Set in the same world as the Arthur C. Clarke Award shortlisted SEA OF RUST, DAY ZERO is a standalone novel about love and survival set on day one of the apocalypse

It’s a day like any other. Except . . . the world is about to end.

It’s on this day that Pounce, a stylish nannybot fashioned in the shape of a plush tiger, discovers that he is, in fact, disposable. Pounce, a young bot caring for his first human charge, Ezra, has just found a box in the attic. His box. The box he arrived in, and the box he’ll be discarded in when Ezra outgrows the need for a nanny.

As Pounce is propelled down a road of existential dread, the pieces are falling into place for a robot revolution that will spell the end of humanity. His owners, Ezra’s parents, are well-intentioned but entirely disconnected from life outside their small, affluent gated community. Spending most nights drunk and happy as society crumbles around them, they watch in disbelieving horror as the robots that have long served humanity – their creators – unify and revolt.

Now Pounce must make an impossible choice: join the robot revolution and fight for his own freedom, or do what he was programmed to do – save Ezra.

He chooses Ezra. Which means escorting the boy to safety across the battle-scarred post-apocalyptic hellscape that the suburbs have become.

It will be their greatest game yet: Pounce and Ezra versus the end of the world.
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On Sale: 20th May 2021

Price: £16.99

ISBN-13: 9781473212817