‘Louise Carey’s dystopian future is chillingly plausible’ Claire North

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Tanta has trained all her life for this. Her very first mission is a code red: to take her team into the unaffiliated zone just outside InTech’s borders and retrieve a stolen hard drive. It should be quick and simple, but a surprise attack kills two of her colleagues and Tanta barely makes it home alive.

Determined to prove herself and partnered with a colleague whose past is a mystery even to himself, Tanta’s investigation uncovers a sinister conspiracy that makes her question her own loyalties and the motives of everyone she used to trust.

‘In Tanta’s world, warring corporations battle over the ruins of our civilisation. This is cyberpunk rebooted’ Stephen Baxter

Introducing a razor-sharp debut SF thriller, INSCAPE holds a mirror up to our own reality by exploring just where our sinister corporation-led world might lead us. For fans of Bladerunner 2049, Mr Robot or 84K by Claire North.


In Tanta's world, warring corporations battle over the ruins of our civilisation. This is cyberpunk rebooted. Upload this now
Stephen Baxter
Louise Carey's dystopian future is chillingly plausible . . . It is a rare gift for a book to be a warning, an adventure, a stark reminder of the fragility of the world we hold dear, and a thrilling ride that catches you by the heart and keeps you enthralled and guessing to the end
Claire North
Deftly written, masterfully paced, vividly imagined, and absolutely gripping from the first page to last . . . Inscape is a total blast. Calling Hollywood: here's your next big streaming hit
Joe Hill
A propulsive thriller plot filled with great twists and reversals.
SFX Magazine
A page-turning thriller.
The Guardian
SF that rockets along
Live Otherwise blog
The pace is cracking, the writing immersive, the action sequences excellently visual, and the characters are solid and relatable.
Fantasy Book Nerd
Manages to grip and entertain from the beginning and carves its own identity...INSCAPE is satisfying and page turning.
Fright Fest
A cool, classy, cyberpunk riff on the old cold war spy thriller
Financial Times
This is dystopian espionage cyberpunk, and it's very compelling
A high octane, cyberpunk-flavoured adventure
Washington Post