The Sound of Whispers Under Ground

You’ve been treated to extracts and articles in the build up to the release of Ben Aaronovitch’s third Peter Grant novel, Whispers Under Ground, and it wouldn’t be a new Gollancz release without a plug for the audio edition!

In April this year I was lucky enough to head over to iD studios to meet Ben and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, reader for the series. Kobna’s a TV pro – he starred in Sirens on Channel 4, and has recently been on stage at the National alongside Christopher Ecclestone. I arrived to find him guiding Peter Grant through a sewer, with Ben and producer Peter Rinne urging him on from the production box. After about 15/20 minutes of recording it was time for a break and for Ben and Kobna to meet for the first time. After a chat about voices, acting, writing, rivers (and which ones haven’t appeared in Ben’s books yet) Ben and Kobna were kind enough to step into the studio with Jon Weir, Gollancz’s publicity director for a chat about all things Peter Grant.

The interview, and an extract from the audio, can be found here and here and I would urge all of Ben’s fans to give the audiobooks a go – unabridged versions of all three are available for download and Kobna’s readings really bring the books to life!