Discovering Destiny Quest day 5 – Exclusive Cover Reveal of The Heart of Fire

So I hope you’ve enjoyed our Week of Destiny, and that the various bloggers and reviewers have convinced you to try The Legion of Shadow out. It really is a remarkable book. When I was pitching it to the publishing meeting, I came up with a list of people who might be interested in the series:

Fantasy fans

Computer gamers, especially World of Warcraft and other MMOs

Role Players & Board Gamers

People who fancy a bit of role-playing or board gaming, but don’t have the time to get a group together

Fighting Fantasy/Choose Your Own Adventure fans (both those who have stayed involved in gamebooks, and those who are feeling retro)

10+ and Teenagers (especially boys, realistically)

Kids who don’t think they like reading, but will be sucked in by the game mechanic

Parents of kids who don’t like reading…

Anyone who just likes a good story, well-told, and isn’t averse to rolling a few dice!

So if you fit into one of those camps, go and get a copy. You won’t be disappointed!

But, of course, The Legion of Shadow has been out before. Yes, our edition has a new cover, loads of extra material and additional colour pages, but what the already-existing fans of DestinyQuest are really excited about is Book Two – The Heart of Fire, due for release in November.

I’ve read it, edited it and played it, and was amazed by the complexity. The storytelling is a step up for Michael and the series, with factions, linked quests, two-player battles and more. It can be read alone, but if you’ve played The Legion of Shadow you’ll recognise a lot of characters – maybe even your own!

Unfortunately, no-one else can read it for a bit – but I’m very proud to reveal the draft version of the cover, again produced by the brilliant Dominic Harman. There are still some changes to make – the logo is flat, so we’ll put some lighting effects on it, and obviously the text isn’t finalised (we need to put Michael’s name on there somewhere!). But hopefully this will whet your appetite. November isn’t that far away, after all!