Gollancz Acquires THE RED KNIGHT

Gollancz is very pleased to announce that debut fantasy author Miles Cameron is joining the list in 2012 with a new, bloody, epic series that will knock your socks off – and possibly knock out a few teeth as well. So prepare to get your hands dirty in some of the most vivid battle scenes you’ll read this year.

Editorial Director Gillian Redfearn did the deal with the Power Literary Agency for World Rights to three books. The substantial six-figure deal was agreed in 2011 on the basis of an outline and forty sample pages from Miles Cameron – the same outline and sample chapter which led to publication deals in France (with Bragelonne), Germany (with Heyne) and in the US (with Gollancz’ sister list Orbit US). It’s a phenomenal start to what we hope will be an amazing career for Miles Cameron.

When asked to say a few words about the deal, Miles Cameron the author said:

‘I’ve always wanted to write a fantasy novel. I’m a devotee of chivalry and the chivalric arts, and I’ve always wanted to use a fantasy novel to raise some issues – about courtly love, about violence, about courage. I love the wilderness – both in North America and in Europe and in Africa – the real wilderness, where humans are merely another animal. And I love magic. I read books about memory palaces and Hermeticism, and I think – what if all this worked? What if alchemy worked?

That’s all fun— really fun. But medieval societies aren’t just lords and ladies and mages. What about social inequality? What about the rise of an urban merchant class? I mean . . . what about everything?

Like most people (tongue firmly in cheek) I started designing my fantasy world when I was eleven. Thirty-nine years later, I find it’s changed profoundly. But it is still Alba, the capital is still Harndon, and the wilderness is vast, dangerous, and beautiful. I only hope I got some of that across to you, the reader.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to bring flint and steel.’

Gollancz publishes The Red Knight in October 2012 . . . and in the meantime, keep an eye on the blog for more information coming soon!

Miles Cameron is the debut fantasy author of The Red Knight, the first of The Traitor Son Chronicles novels. He lives in Canada with his family, and is a full time writer. Find out more by following @thegreensquire or visit his website: www.traitorson.com.