A special publication day message from Elspeth Cooper

Here at Gollancz Towers we are delighted to bring you a special publication day message from Elspeth Cooper. Trinity Rising is out now. 

There’s nothing quite like that moment when you pick up your new baby for the first time, smile and say to yourself, “Hello, beautiful.” It’s . . . magical.

The magic tends to lose some of its lustre when said infant proceeds to wee all over your shirt, but fortunately books are toilet-trained and generally quieter than the average newborn. So instead, I’m the one who’s going to be doing the shouting.

Trinity Rising is published today. It’s the second book of The Wild Hunt series; it’s also my second published book *ever*. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to be as excited over the second one as I was over the first, but I am. It looks gorgeous and I am insanely proud of it; I hope everyone who’s been waiting for it enjoys the read.

If you’ve read Book 1, Songs of the Earth, then you’ll know that Gair’s not in a happy place just now. It’s only going to get worse as the three moons approach conjunction and a new player enters the game. Brace yourselves – it’s going to be quite a ride

And so let the squeeing commence! That’s S-Q-U-E-E- . . . oh, never mind.