Triple Threat! Cover Reveals for POISON, CHARM and BEAUTY!

We’ve teased you about these, we’ve been telling you that Poison is coming, along with Charm and Beauty later in the year . . . and at long last we can reveal the covers!


This is Poison, the true tale of Snow White:

Poison PLC


To see the full Poison cover click here.  


Charm, the true tale of Cinderella:

Charm PLC

Click here to see the full cover for Charm.

And Beauty, the true tale of Sleeping Beauty:

Beauty PLC

Click here to see the full cover of Beauty.

All three are absolutely superb, fun, mischievous novellas – and if you think you know your fairy tales, you’re going to have to think again!

I think they are absolutely fabulous, with artwork by the superb Les Edwards and design by the talented Laura Brett. But more importantly, what do you think?