Cover Reveal: Foul Tides Turning

We’re thrilled to share a brilliant new cover with you, for Foul Tides Turning, the second book in Stephen Hunt’s amazing Far Called adventure series. Picking up the adventure from In Dark Service (‘The ultimate test of a fantasy novel is whether you want to read further volumes, and In Dark Service succeeds magnificently’ – SFX ), this is one story you won’t want to miss!

And here’s a little teaser to whet your appetite!

Jacob Carnehan rescued his son from slavery but he may have started a war – one in which he is hopelessly overmatched – and his wits and ruthlessness will only take him so far.

Carter Carnehan has gone from slave to revolutionary – but what will his ideas be worth when they come under fire?

The Carnehan’s are about to find out . . .

Foul Tide's Turning 5


Can’t wait for Foul Tides Turning? You can catch up with the first three chapters of In Dark Service below.

In Dark Service Chapter by Stephen Hunt First Three Chapters Extract by Orion Publishing Group