Cover Reveal: The Boy Who Wept Blood

The Boy Who Wept Blood is a new standalone adventure from Den Patrick. Set in his marvellously drawn world of Landfall (a world where characters and author alike have secrets) these are tight, fast moving fantasies driven by all-too-flawed and very real characters. There’s much to appeal to fantasy and historical readers alike with intrigue, deceit and a fair bit of swash-buckling to power the plot along.

We wanted to reflect that in the covers. We also wanted to depict the characters but without setting their image in the minds of the reader (we’d rather their imagination painted them) so we asked Alejandro Colucci to depict the protagonists without revealing their faces. The Boy Who Wept Blood features a troubled, would-be hero. A young man looking back to the example of his hero (a boy who carried a porcelain blade), a boy who wants to be a swordsman not a spy. A boy who must make tough choices in order to defend what he loves.



The Boy Who Wept Blood will be available in trade paperback and e-book on the 29th January 2015.

And, because we know the 29th of January is a long way away, we’ve got the first chapter to share with you below.

The Boy Who Wept Blood by Den Patrick Extract by Orion Publishing Group