Big news for fans of Peter Grant/Rivers of London!

Broken HomesWe are delighted to announce that in a major deal, we have acquired publishing rights from the Zeno Agency for the seventh and eighth books in Ben Aaronovitchs hugely successful Peter Grant/Rivers of London series!

Having inherited Ben from the excellent Jo Fletcher I couldn’t be happier that we’ve been able to move things on so well from the excellent start Ben had at Gollancz. Peter Grant and co have become firm favourites in-house (often with people at Orion who have never read a Gollancz title in their lives). Ben really does have a uniquely warm and commercial take on urban fantasy. These are books full of wit and bursting with a love of London, peopled by a hugely engaging cast of characters.  And behind it all Ben’s intricately worked out modern mythology and rich back-story ticks away, informing everything and deepening each and every book. Knowing that we have another four books to publish now is a wonderful feeling.

John Berlyne of the Zeno Agency had this to say about the deal: ‘This is a very exciting move by Orion.  Ben’s books have been a monster hit and it’s  great news for Ben’s many fans that the future of this brilliant series is assured.’

There will thus be at least four more titles in the series following on from the fourth novel, BROKEN HOMES, which was released last July. The fifth book in the series, FOXGLOVE SUMMER, is due out in the UK this summer. The provisional title for book six is THE HANGING TREE. We’ll announce titles for the newly contracted books seven and eight in due course.