Patrick Rothfuss' new story The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Today we’re absolutely over the moon to share our cover for Patrick Rothfuss’ amazing new story The Slow Regard of Silent Things. In Pat’s own words:

It’s not book three. It’s not a mammoth tome that you can use to threaten people and hold open doors.

It’s a short, sweet story about one of my favorite characters.

It’s a book about Auri.

That’s the news. The short version. If you’d like the long version, I’ll give that below ….

And we can vouch that it is a beautiful, sweet story of about 30,000 words. And it’s all about Auri – one of the most endearing characters in the KingKiller Chronicles series.

But again, to use a few of Pat’s words: we think  a lot of you are going to like it. So here’s the cover!

Pat rothfuss

If you like pre-ordering your books, then you could have a look here  or talk to your favourite retailer. And keep an eye on the blog because we hope to do something really special with this brilliant story!