Proof Cover Reveal: THE LAST NAMSARA!

We are ridiculously delighted to reveal the truly gorgeous proof coverr for Kristen Ciccarelli’s mind-blowing amazing YA fantasy debut, THE LAST NAMSARA, which has been designed by the incredibly talented Dan Smith at Bionic graphics.

This is a novel that will squeeze your heart into pieces while simultaneously making it grow three times as big. Badass characters? Check. Incredible romance? Check. Heart-stopping battles? CHECK!

Early reviews on GoodReads have put all of our heart feelings into words:

‘Meet your new fantasy obsession! Magical, enchanting, gut-wrenching, amazing, badass, inventive, dragon-y… 🙂 This book will destroy you. Enjoy.’

‘The most simple thing I can say is this is the best book I have ever read and Kristen Ciccarelli is now my favorite author. Her story and her words have so much beauty, and love, and passion, and adventure. By the end I gasped every 5-10 pages and got goosebumps every 10-20 pages. There are not many books I would say this for, but pre-order this now because your soul has been waiting for a story this beautiful.’

‘I’m warning you: don’t start reading unless you’re prepared for THE LAST NAMSARA to steal your heart, your breath, your whole afternoon as you speed through the pages! And then it leaves you gasping for more, namely the sequel… where is it?! I WANT IT NOW!’

The Last Namsara cover

Once there was a girl who was drawn to wicked things…
Asha is a dragon-slayer. Reviled by the very people she’s sworn to protect, she kills to atone for the terrible deed she committed as a child.
 One that almost destroyed her city, and left her with a terrible scar.
 She wears her scar with pride, but to others, her skin tells a story of devastation, of fiery deaths, of Asha’s irredeemable wickedness.
Only the death of Kozu, the First Dragon, will bring Asha true redemption and unite her father’s fractured kingdom. But no one battles Kozu and lives, so to defeat him she will have to do some very wicked things…

THE LAST NAMSARA publishes in a gorgeous hardback edition and audio October 12th and ebook on October 5th 2017. Pre-order your copy right now!

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